A day in the life..

With only two days left in Portland, I was beyond stoked to wake up to sunshine for the first time in weeks! This rain here has been getting on my last nerve! With the weather bearable for once, Mace and I were ready for an adventure. Diaper bag packed, kiddo fed, nanny filled with coffee, and off we went. First stop- Voodoo Doughnuts! Maple Bacon Doughnut.. Hellllloooo yummy!

Next on our list, we met up with little man’s girlfriend and a friend of mine and went for a walk by the river. It was soooo crowded down there, so we headed toward the Pearl district to do some shopping. With Mace fast asleep in the stroller, we headed that way. After about 12 blocks, we finally made it. By that time, we all had food on our mind. We found a cozy little place, relaxed, and pigged out. 2 bottles, some solids, and a huge nacho plate later, we were on our way to finally shop! Of course after an hour of shopping, it was dinner time again, so off we went all the way to the other side of town again to meet Mommy and Daddy in between shows! After a full day of pushing a stroller up and down the hills of this crazy town, this nanny was pooped! Finally, made it home, for a relaxing night inside with my favorite little man. What a day!

Until our next adventure,

xoxo, bri.

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3 thoughts on “A day in the life..

    • life has been crazy busy lately, but I will try to get on here to update it more often! If you are following me, you should receive an email every time I update something :)

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